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Donations support the server, however if you wish to support the people behind it, then you may donate to them as individual entities. Donating to them is not donating to NonstopRP - it is supporting them personally.

Jameslroll - Manager & Developer:
Made the framework and many of the scripts for it.

Skinner904 - Manager:
Hosts the servers and helps run the community.

Kara - Manager:
Helps run the community and manages whitelisting.

Tiny - Developer:
Helps with coding and configurations.

Ripperoni - Developer:
Does vehicle handling, liveries, and etc.. Also helps with adding new items, recipes, decorations, quests, and uses many tools provided in the framework to add additional content. He is also learning to create scripts from scratch.

Nelo1more - Developer:
Helps greatly with vehicle handling.

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