Anonymous post - To the Los Santos Police Department.

Steve Reinholm

Good Citizen
Jan 29, 2021
It has come to our attention that our message was received, however some of your LEO's said they don't like allegations about some of your "finest" are corrupt. Saying that we are "crying and complaining" on bleeter.

We want to make one thing clear, we aren't like the gangster or gang bangers that complain on bleeter and goes around and says "fuck 12". We believe that cops are necessary for our society to function, it starts to fail once your "finest" starts doing injustice practices against criminals and civilians alike that they deem and/or believe is justice.

Us simply going to the MRPD and give a complain isn't going to do much. Seeing that the peaceful riots that has happened and the complains people have given hasn't had any effects, how do you think a single person talking to one of you is going to be any better? If you don't understand the message from a large peaceful group, we doubt that a simple message from someone will be more powerful than the word of the people.

Our message still stands from our last contact, we will continue with our work until we see change. If you think doing simple bank jobs is the worst we will do, then you are mistaken.

Looking forward to see what the future bring, we are watching.