Denied BLooDMoNeY DAs Office Application


Astounding Citizen
Apr 25, 2021
Username: BLooDMoNeY

Character Name Renee Kix (371) 132-3116

Age 32

Are you currently Bar Certified? No

Position Applied For State Attorney

Discord Username Bloodmoney#1313

Can you confirm that you have read the District Attorneys Handbook? Yes

Why do you want to be a prosecutor? I desire to be a member of the District Attorney's and serve the district in the most effective manner I can which would be the role of Prosecutor.

My investigative skills are impeccable with a back ground in Forensic Science, Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Data Analysis as well as being a former Interrogation Instructor for the Department of Defense.

I have a skillset that will ensure all violators of this City's great laws will see day in court that in which the State will have all the figurative ammunition it requires to successfully illustrate guilt and prosecute even the most conniving of Criminal Defendants.

I feel being a State Prosecutor is the most suitable Career for me and have aspired to be such since I was in my first year at West Point, a military academy.

In addition to that I feel working at the District Attorney's Office is one of the greatest honors one can have in this City and I will enjoy my career thoroughly , learning and helping others learn.

Renee Kix

Do you know who the district attorney is and have you previously had a conversation with them regarding the position? Yes

Describe the Giglio Rule The Giglio Rule is from Giglio v. United States, it involves a supreme court case that the Court ruled the prosecution failed to inform the jury that a witness had been promised not to be prosecuted in exchange for his testimony, and was thus considered a failure to fulfill the duty to present all material evidence to the jury. This then was considered and thus constituted a violation of due process.
Resulting in the requirement of a new trial.

As a result of this case, the term Giglio material is sometimes used to refer to any information pertaining to deals that witnesses in a criminal case may have entered into with the government

You are an ADA on a case and offered the defendant a plea of five years. The defendant rejected it and wants to go to trial. You receive a call the night before the trial informing you that your only witness just died of a heart attack. You come to court to tell the judge that you have to dismiss the case when the defendant's lawyer approaches you and says that they’ll take the deal. What would you do? I would attempt to inform DA of current situation as soon as possible.

However due to Giglio rule I would need to inform the Defense of the death, IF I haven't already via prompt email. In fact I would probably keep the conversation strictly email based if possible. I would inform the Defense attorney that I will be immediately be sending him a government email , containing pertinent data that I must share in adherence with the Giglio rule.

Many times law enforcement are certain that a particular crime has been committed by a defendant. What is your response if there is not enough evidence to stand at a criminal trial? If there is not enough evidence to stand at trial , I believe the only way to make hat determination is after a thorough investigation into the matter. This particular question doesn't really seat the chronology of the matter. but if by a discovery deadline absolutely nothing tangible can be provided by the members of LE or DAI/DAO.
Then depending on what my role is assumed to be in this question again, I would bring to the DA attention that the case is looking very weak and to be considered for a drop.

How would you handle a situation where a police officer wants a warrant signed or wants to file particular charges and you do not agree with his/her assessment? I would attempt to find that officers ranking or commanding officer and explain to them the reality of the situation and just try to diffuse a headache before one starts.

I will explain why their intended charges wont work, what's missing, and the reality of any notion of misconception they may have as officers who think they understand an issue they don't.

If the situation starts to become troublesome, again I will attempt to contact the DA and inform them.

In regards to a warrant, a judge would have ultimate consent on the signing of something I as a prosecutor for whatever reason don't agree with , whether it be that I believe the warrant is bogus and MAY result in a lawsuit with settlement against with PD or DOJ, at which point I will have already made that clearly illustrated to any Judge that may intervene in the situation and before jumping on signing it.

As part of the District Attorneys Office, if you become a paralegal you are entitled to a free education in law with the San Andreas Law School. This voids the $43,000 enrollment fee, as such this would tie you into a 2 month contract upon passing the bar exam. Do you agree to this condition? Yes

Do you have any previous experience as a prosecutor? If so please detail this below. Head Experience in a sense, Different Cities, Prosecuting for civil cases in different areas of tort. Civil. v Civil, Civil v. (Insert gov agency here) , Numerous scenarios etc.

Do you understand that if accepted as a member of the District Attorneys Office you will be expected to maintain a high level of professionalism as well as follow the law? You also agree to not share any confidential information you obtain as a member of the District Attorneys Office with any civilians or friends/family that are not employed within the District Attorneys Office. Yes