Denied CaptDougwash Law School Enrollment


Good Citizen
Dec 30, 2020
Username: CaptDougwash

Age (IRL) 27

Discord Username CptDougwash

Your Timezone GMT

Character Name Cooper Jenkins

Why do you wish to enroll in the San Andreas Law School I want to being more to the city. After seeing numerous bleets with a request for lawyers and none replying, I would like to be a part of the change to that. From what I've heard, it seems the norm is for suspects just to plead guilty for the ease of not waiting hours in a jail cell. By being able to give suspects an almost instant defender with a thorough knowledge of the law, I believe we could help reduce the amount of possible innocent members of the public spending years in Bolingbrook. My ability to communicate persuasively, my attention to detail and my compassion towards helping people are strengths I think will make me a good lawyer.

Do you have a criminal record (misdemeanours and traffic violations included) No

Do you have any prior experience as an Attorney/Prosecutor/Judge No

Do you understand that whilst attending the SALS you will be required to act in a professional manner at all times Yes

Do you agree to pay the $43,000 enrollment fee to a judge in advance of your induction Yes