Chief Justice Fudge Changes To Law Enforcement - November 2022

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Sep 1, 2020
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In this current climate when crime levels are on the rise, it was deemed appropriate that the Attorney Generals Office and the Department of Justice fully review and restructure law enforcement in the state.

The past months have been difficult for law enforcement in the State of San Andreas. As such we are taking a step towards consolidating law enforcement today for the betterment of the State of San Andreas. Under the authority of my office within the Department of Justice, in conjunction with the Attorney General's Office and the DPS Council, the San Andreas State Police are being decommissioned effective December 4th, 2022 at 10pm EST.

As a result of this, the DPS Council would not function with only two members. The decision has thus been taken to appoint Game Warden Slix as the third member of the council. While our Park Rangers remain federal and are not subject to DPS policies, his appointment will allow for a consistent voting process to take place.

On November 27th 2022, I removed Sheriff John Collins from his position. It is my privilege to announce that Wil Alexander has been appointed Sheriff of BCSO and will lead the department into the future.

The coming months will show a stronger law enforcement presence within the state which will keep you safe and secure in the knowledge that your rights, freedoms and lives are protected.

-Chief Justice Fudge
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