Elizabeth Cole


New Citizen
Jun 1, 2021
Elizabeth Cole was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Bill and Sandra Cole. Her father was a cop and her mother a nurse. Elizabeth’s parents died while she was in high school of cancer. After her parents died, right out of high school, she moved to Los Santos, a place she had always dreamed of living. Once living and settling into LS, Elizabeth decided to join the police force to follow in her dads footsteps. While working for the police department, she was working on her undergrad degree in psychology hoping to at some point get into the field. While working for the police department she worked closely with profilers from the FBI and over the years became fascinated with the profiling field.

After 4 years she received her Bachelors degree in Psychology and with the hard work, commitment and dedication you gave to the police department she was approached by a member of the FBI to have her join the FBI as a profiler. Elizabeth spent 2 years working as a profiler but stepped aside as a very traumatizing event happened to her. From the start of her career as a profiler and over the course of a year, Elizabeth was fixated on catching a serial killer and rapist who had been killing and raping all over the country. She not only was originally assigned to the case but was determined to catch this guy. The killer got wind of Elizabeth and that she was “hunting” him and he got word of her name. He became fixated on her and made it his mission to make her his next victim. He has many connections throughout the country; in jails, others who had been in and out of jail, people who were questioned by Elizabeth, etc. but from the help of them (those on the inside and outside) he was able to successfully kidnap Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was kidnapped and tortured for 2 weeks. The killer was convinced that Elizabeth was the problem and saw her as someone or something getting in the way of him doing his work. During this time, Elizabeth’s partner and her team within the FBI knew she had gone missing and was almost positive she had been kidnapped given how many hours she was spending obsessing over catching this guy and trying to find him. 2 weeks go by and her team and partner find her alive; beaten, dehydrated, cut, and mentally scarred.

After all of this happened, she resigned at the FBI. However, she still wanted to help people and give back to a place she loved and dreamed of living so she went back to school to get her EMS certification. She was an EMT for about 2 years but during that time (and due to her time as a FBI profiler) was still fascinated by the human brain, why people did the things they did and wanted to help people get their lives back on track. Elizabeth decided to go back to school, again, to get her masters in mental health counseling and become a licensed certified mental health counselor. She’s been a counselor for about a year now, loving it, and one day wishes to have her own private practice.

Elizabeth, through much counseling of her own, has made a name for herself, has quite the experience under her belt and has found peace and happiness despite what she’s gone through. She currently is in a serious relationship with Davy Longmire; they live on a farm house in Sandy with their bunny rabbit, Oreo and spend their days going to the beach or hiking up Mount Chilead.

Elizabeth is a down to earth, relaxed, chilled person. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, Davy, spending time by the beach and the water. She aspires to continue to help people of Los Santos, be a friend to those who are in need and again hopes to one day have her own private practice.