George Murphy Biography


New Citizen
May 13, 2021
George Murphy is a two generation long County resident and has a long service to his County and Country. George's family came to San Andreas from Ireland in the early 1940's, where they bought some land & a ranch off of Baytree Canyon Road in Blaine County. His family has had that ranch ever since buying it when they arrived. George was born in 1983 at Pillbox Hill Medical Center. He grew up taking care of the animals on the farm, farming the land, and learning the values of living off the land. As a young child George can recall wanting to do something bigger with his life and make a difference, and give back to his community. So on George's 18th birthday, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. After completing the Basic Training he was given the job of Security Forces (MP). George continued to go back to school while serving wherever the USAF sent him all over the world. After about 7 years George obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. He then applied to enter into Officer Training School. With his hard work and training George ended up graduating from Officer Training School and was commissioned as an 2nd Lieutenant. After that he was reassigned to a Post where he would become the Security Forces Supervisor. George continued his path for about 3 more years and managed to finally acquire his rank of Captain. In the process of getting his promotion to Captain, he also managed to put in a transfer to the Flight School. George would then obtain his Wings and be a Pilot within the USAF. George loved flying, and enjoyed the aircraft he got to fly while he was in the service. George would ultimately transition into the Reserves after about 15 years of Active Duty Service. He was then stationed at Ft. Zancudo Air Base on a Joint Reserve Base Status. For the last 5 years George has been doing both Security Forces Duties and Flying missions. George with his 20 years of Military Service, and his long time passion to give back to his community he is ready to see what he can accomplish. George hopes to maybe find himself working in his county in the field of Criminal Justice in some capacity. George currently is still living at the Ranch in Blaine County, continuing to run his fathers business while still being in the USAF Reserves.