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Aug 31, 2020
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General Note:
NonStop is a serious RP server, which means a lot of things should be roleplayed and found out in character. This list is primarily to provide different mechanics commands available, and a small list of things that can be found out. Keep in mind systems are RP-focused, and may require multiple items, items may need to be crafted, or certain locations needed.

Remember to keep things in character at all times when in-city. If you need to reference commands, use different phrasing such as “muscles.” If you encounter any bugs, please report them on the forum under bug reports. If you encounter rule breaks, please open a player report on discord.

Basic Controls:

  • View player information ID’s: ~(tilde)
  • Left Alt Menu:
    • Emotes:
      • Emotes: Left Alt > Emotes > Emote
      • Walkstyles: Left Alt > Emotes > Walkstyle
      • Expressions: Left Alt > Emotes > Expression
    • Player:
      • Hold
      • Cary
      • Piggyback
      • Examine (For Medical)
      • Licenses
    • Self:
      • Examine (For Medical)
      • Quick Status (Shows Health, Hunger, Thirst, etc.)
    • Dressing (Used to remove put clothes on):
      • Clothes
      • Head
      • Accessories
  • Emote bindings: [WIP]
  • Phone: M
  • Toggle VOIP Range: Z
  • Inventory: Tab
    • Quick Use Interact: Right Click
    • Quick Move: Ctrl+ Left Click
    • Change Quantity: Click on item, adjust blue slider popup on left side of screen
  • Toggle Crouch: Left Ctrl (hold)
  • Toggle VehicleProperty Lock : L
  • Toggle Vehicle Ignition: I
  • Radio: Shift + G
  • StartStop Clip: Alt+ F1
    • Discard: Alt + F2
  • Roll windows updown: Up arrowdown arrow
  • Tackle: Shift+E while running.

Essential Commands:

help <message> - Sends a message to any support in-game

ooc <message> - Sends out of character messages to people in your proximity

Other Commands

311 - Sends a non-emergency message to dispatch

911 - Sends an emergency message to dispatch

status - Flashes the general status of your health (it will also do this automatically when your health changes)

force - Force somebody inout of a vehicle

Walkstyle - Change your walkstyle

Wallet - Count the amount of cash you have on your person

licenseadd <target> <license>

licensepoints <target> <license> <points>

licenserevoke <target> <license>


me <optional body part> <message> - Use me to help roleplay things that cannot be roleplayed mechanically. See below for more information

tow - Tow a vehicle ontooff the back of a tow truck

getintrunk - Get into the trunk of a vehicle, alternative commands: hideintrunk, hidetrunk, trunkhide - SoonTM

corner - Start selling drugs in position

Dynamic Me's:

You can attach your me to body parts and add colors to the text.

Valid body parts: pelvis, lthigh, lcalf, lfoot, rthigh, rcalf, rfoot, spine0, spine1, spine2, spine3, lclavicle, lupperarm, lforearm, lhand, rclavicle, rupperarm, rforearm, rhand, neck, head

Valid colorssymbols: https:pastebin.com44RMw3tp

For example: me lfoot ~r~Covered in dried blood

DOJ Commands:












- Businesses: Hiring individuals for your business is done through your company's app on the phone. For businesses that are player run, find out how to get hired or run a business in-character.

- Civilian Jobs, not limited to (no hire needed): Mining, Hunting, Fishing, PostOp, any anything else that you can create through just RP!


You can make an application for a business in the DOJ section on the forums. Some businesses count as jobs and can have perms given out. For example, a business for a mechanic shop would also yield you the "mechanic" job.

Taxi - Needs a taxi person brain.

meterrate <rate> - Set the rate of the meter per mile

meterreset - Resets the meter


Properties are limited per character. Each character can have one of each motel, apartment, house, and etc.. Rent or mortgage is paid monthly but you have one week to pay in advance before you lose it. Use the properties app to make payments and look for a realtor to purchase anything above an apartment.

property:keys - Check people with access to your property (their name shouldn't be used to metagame if you didn't give them the key)

property:givekey <property id> <server id> - Give somebody a key to the property using their server ID

property:takekey <property id> <character id> - Remove access to a property from somebody using their character ID found in the keys popup

property:get - Get the ID for the property you are next to


Vehicles are stored per garage and can only be taken out where they were stored. If you have a vehicle in a garage you no longer have access to, you can get with a member of the Court in character to assist you in recovering it.

Vehicle interactions can occur via your “alt” menu when you are either in the vehicle or close to the vehicle. You can access various features by opening and closing doors, inspecting the vehicle, and even removing the keys from the ignition if you are the driver.

vehicle:transfer <server id> <vehicle id> - Transfer a vehicle to someone using their server ID. They will have to accept to complete, which will charge them a transfer fee


The robbery system is item based. Find out what items are needed to break into something and use them to begin the robbery.


So, you've found some decorations.

- Place them down by using the item.

- Left-click to confirm the placement or right-click to cancel. If it's faded out, then you cannot place it there for whatever reason.

- Rotate them with Q and E.

- Some decorations have variations of the model, which can be cycled through with < and >.

- You can pick it back up with pickup. Some decorations have containers, and picking it up will wipe the container, so be careful.


Scenes are placed using items, and can be removed with erasers. Spray cans in particular, embed images into the scene instead of text. These are the only hosts that are supported for images: