Gunny Hathcack


May 12, 2021
There comes a time in ones life when certain choices that are being made will prevent the adaptation of the ultimate self you wish to experience. I, Gunny Hathcack, in my early years between my 20-30's would always be the follower and never the leader. Let me rephrase that, pretty much my whole life. The consequences from actions I underwent where mainly the result of doing what others wanted me to do or just plain peer pressure. I settled in and felt comfortable in this life never really taking great effort to part ways with the surroundings that had a grasp on me. Waisted years went by continuing the inevitable circle of doom. I tell you this because I want everyone to know the real me before we official meet one day. Booze and moderate illegal drugs seemed to be the menu when in the presence of theses hooligans that I ran with. There wasn't much we didn't do without consuming the cocktail of the two. If it was fishing, we had a beer in one hand and the rod in the other while we waited for the abnormally large spliff to be passed our way. Just to paint a more clarifying picture here, we were a group that drove pick-up trucks and frequented a local pub that resembled someone's run-down barn. The only higher education any of us had was the education on how to get higher. Most of us worked mundane jobs that offer not much of advancement. I myself was trapped into working in the old-man's construction business. I saw it only as a way to make money to hang with the lads and never as a way to better my future. But experiencing life as if it was groundhogs day every morning when I opened my eyes starts to where on a person. And that's what it did for me. My mind became more consumed with the path my life was on and how I could turn it into the one I secretly get hidden within. I wanted to be an individual that others would emulate and not one where parents would say, "see son, you don't ever want to turn out like that". The burning desire for change grew more fierce and appealing to me. I welcomed it but being one of low self-esteem I worried immensely how my inner circle of friends would take the new me I wanted to be. Of course there was push back from them but once I realized it was the jealousy I was witnessing of me finally taking a stand for wanting a life that I can be proud of, it ignited a bigger flame within and allowed me to fully attack the new me.
Well that is enough for now. I will take you on the journey of my transformation into the person I am today another time. Take care and always be your best self.