It's all in the name: Daff(odil) 'Daft' Smyth


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Mar 20, 2021
Vancouver BC
Daff, an orphan, was born in Western Canada sometime in the late 1990s. He took July 1st, 1996 for his birthdate, as that was the day he was dropped off at the hospital. He was an infant when he was abandoned, so he has no memory of his birth parents. He was bounced around from foster home to foster home. Never really finding a family that suited him, until his was 12. At that point he met the Smyths. More on them later..

He was called Daffodil or Daff as a cruel name chosen by his first foster parents. They were horrible people, who only fostered kids for the additional government money. They would treat the foster children as second rate. When questioned by the social workers to why they called him that, the foster parents claimed that it was his first word. School bullies were ruthless when they found out his name. Due to Daff's slight autism, at a young age he had issues multitasking. His bullies used to call him Daft Daffy, as he would fail to react to them if he was scared or already concentrating on something else.

Early in life he grew curious of technology. He would take apart the toaster or TV, and -mostly- put them back together. He loved computers, but always had to wait his turn as the foster parents and their birth children always had first dibs. He also loved cars. He would always try to play with toy cars and later RC cars when he had the chance. Early life was not easy for him, between the new families ever couple of years, the abuse, moving from school to school, he never had a lot of friends.

Finally, during his 12th year of hell, he was fostered to the Smyths. They were a middle aged couple, who weren't able to have children of their own. They had been in the foster program for years. Helping children grow and find their "forever homes". Sadly none of the children ever connected with them, that was until they met Daff. The father, Dan Smyth was a brilliant technical adviser in the automotive industry. He would take contracts to help develop new technologies. The mother, Danica Smyth, also a brilliant person, was a top level teacher for the local University. She taught computer science, and was working on her doctorate. And the had a dog, a German Shepherd named Seymour. Dan and Danica saw Daff's technical abilities at his young age, and helped him develop them. Daff was very hesitant at first, as he had only known -parents- to be cruel and abusive. He slowly warmed up to Dan and Danica, and their shepherd Seymour. To kindle Daff's interest, Dan would show him the projects he was working on, and give him tours of the car manufacturers. This is when Daff got his first taste of the automotive business and was hooked.

3 years later, the Smyths asked Daff if he would like to become part of the family for good. Daff of course agreed immediately, and soon enough the papers were worked up and Daff became Daff Smyth. Due to his parent's connections and upper middle class wealth, he was able to attend the best technical schools, was tutored at home by his parents and quickly got his first computer science degree at the age of 19.

Being an active family, they would go hiking or snowboarding/skiing depending on the time of year. Camping in the summer time, or trips to warmer destinations in the winter. As a coping mechanism for his past tramas, Dan had enrolled Daff into a few martial arts to give him a healthy physical outlet. Daff also took an interest in guns, probably due to the FPS games he loved to play on his PC. As soon as he could, he got his firearms license, and would go target shooting at least twice a month.

Then one night, Daff's life came crashing down. Dan had been contracted to work on a new technology. He had berried himself in his basement office working tireless hours, or was flown across the continent at a moment's notice. When Dan came up for food or coffee, he said that this project would set the family for life, and that he was sorry it took him away from the family so much. Due to the nature of the contract, Dan kept the details from Danica and Daff, he would only say that it was really cool, and change the world for the better.

Daff had just kicked off an upload of his project to his school software repository, then slept his monitors, as he computer was still working in the background. It was very late, and he was too tired for any video games, so he flopped onto his bed, told his home assistant to off the lights and closed his eyes. He awoke to a thump, and then two other thumps and a smash. Groggily Daff opened his eyes, and swung his legs out of his bed, getting up to investigate the noises. Just as he opened his bedroom door a buttstock of a gun clocked him across his head and he was out. Daff woke to a lot of noise and commotion. He was handcuffed by the wrists to a ambulance gurney, as an EMT checked his vitals and flashed a light into his eyes to test for a concussion.

He passed out again, and then woke up in the hospital, still cuffed to the bed, with an officer in the room. Once he was fully awoke, he had found out that his parents had been killed along with Seymour, and he was the main suspect! The court case came and went. He was able to prove his innocence with his school project, he was studying home assistants, and if/what information is recorded then sent back to the Big Tech Company. It turns out they these particular home assistants are always listening, and he could prove that he was in his bedroom at the time of the murders, and other people had broken their way in. As far as Daff knows it was a home invasion that went wrong. Though that never settled well with him...

Daff completed the semester, hiding in his school work, to help grieve his parents. He finished his degree in IT Security. But he needed a change. He needed to get away from the house he parents where killed. He wanted a fresh start. Selling the small house, which was left to him by his parents, he cleared up his school debts and had a little change in his pocket. Daff packed up his belongings and headed south, to a new city.. Los Santos.

Arriving in Los Santos, Daff is going to be searching for any sort of job, hopefully a technical or mechanical job. But he knows paying the bills are important, so he will take anything he can get. He will want to also want to keep an eye out for any racing opportunities that come across his path, legal or illegal.

Daff has an affinity for animals. He will become very upset if someone needlessly kills one around him.
He will backup anyone being bullied, as he knows the pain.
Daff kept his name as a memory that he is in charge of his life. He doesn't mind friends calling him Daft, but they need to be VERY good friends.

Solo - Daff would be Neutral, Neutral/evil. He is not out to be a criminal, but he isn't afraid to break the laws if it suits him.

In a group/gang - His alignment will change if he falls into a group with people he trusts. Once you get Daff's trust, he will back you to the moon. If you break his trust, you will never be able to gain it back.

Physical features:
He is 25, 6'1, 200lbs, with a trim/fit frame.
Caucasian, normally clean shaven.
Dyed/bleached hair, but kept neat/trimmed.
Always wears sun glasses.