Jackson Wolfe | Jerome Watkins | James Rooney


Apr 18, 2021
Jackson Wolfe
Jackson is currently serving in the military, stationed at Fort Zancudo, was reassigned from his fixed and rotary wing Occupational Specialty to the Recruiting Office while his retirement paperwork is processed (process takes three to six weeks). Jackson is a by the book, law abiding, patriotic American. He cares a lot for his community and tries to be active. While he currently carries out his recruiting duties (traveling to local colleges, malls, high schools, he is also job hunting and preparing for life outside of the military after 20 years of service. Jackson is divorced, and has 2 children that do not reside in the state. He is pretty laid back, easy going, and enjoys outdoor activities and being out on the water. His main interests include anything to do with aviation, technology, and tends to bury himself in work, which is sometimes detrimental to his interpersonal relationships.

Jerome Watkins
Jerome has had a hard life. Jerome came from a broken home, and has been in and out of foster homes until he reached the age of 18. Jerome didn't have much more than a high school education which made holding down or acquiring a decent job extremely difficult. Since his early 20's Jerome has been bouncing around from couch to couch, and sometimes even just sleeping on the streets, as he hasn't made a stable home for himself. In his mid to late 20's he developed issues with alcohol dependence which then led to him spiraling into narcotics use after the death of his parents at 30. Jerome is now 31, and battling with drug addiction, and struggling to find ways to keep a roof over his head while funding his addiction.

James Rooney
A long time native of Los Santos, James recently suffered a mental break after losing his job, his girlfriend. He has been obsessed with superheroes his entire life, especially Impotent Rage. After his break, James was convinced that he was born to be Impotent Rage, so he set off to achieve his goal of becoming the cities first legitimate superhero. With no super powers. and no real intelligence, and really no other skills either. Oh boy.
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