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Good Citizen
Bar Certified Attorney
Department of Justice
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas State Police CID
Jun 21, 2021
It's Coming Home
Username: Jakey__

Name Justin Sider

Age 27

Phone Number 1374271323

Are you currently Bar Certified? No

Desired position Paralegal

Discord Username Jakey#6484

Why do you want to be a prosecutor? I want to be a paralegal for the DA's office because I believe that it will provide experience for my career as an attorney. I have a pretty decent understanding of the law but, being from the UK, there is always an improvement to be made, and I think the DA's office is the best place for me to perfect my trade.

Do you have any references within the District Attorney's Office? Yes

Do you have any relationships with current law enforcement? I don't really have a relationship with and LEO's but I am good friends with Richard Long a State Prosecutor

Do you have any Microsoft Office and/or Trello experience? Basic

Do you have any previous experience as a prosecutor? If so please detail this below. No, But I have worked with Lawyers in the past.

Do you like paperwork? Who does? But it needs doing.

Describe the Giglio Rule Giglio v. United States (1972) is considered an extension to Brady v. Maryland (1963) and, according to, "Mandated that the prosecution should disclose any and all information that may be used to impeach the credibility of prosecution witnesses including law enforcement officers". A commonly used example of this is when a suspect is testifying in exchange for immunity from the prosecution of a crime, in this case, the jury (and I believe the defence counsel also) must be notified of the promise of immunity in exchange for testimony. Failure to inform them in this regard is considered a violation of due process and may result in a retrial.

You are an ADA on a case and offered the defendant a plea of five years. The defendant rejected it and wants to go to trial. You receive a call the night before the trial informing you that your only witness just died of a heart attack. You come to court to tell the judge that you have to dismiss the case when the defendant's lawyer approaches you and says that they’ll take the deal. What would you do? Apart from the Witness dying this is a very lucky turn of events, I would make the deal as you 'Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth'.

Many times law enforcement are certain that a particular crime has been committed by a defendant. What is your response if there is not enough evidence to stand at a criminal trial? The DA's office is responsible for what charges to bring against a suspect, as well as representing the state in court during the trial. If a (Assistant) District Attorney feels like there is not enough evidence to prosecute then the the officer must be told to release suspect if they have not already spent 72 hours in custody without charge. If they have been in custody for less than 72 hours, the officers may continue to gather evidence before presenting the case to the DA's office again.

How would you handle a situation where a police officer wants a warrant signed or wants to file particular charges and you do not agree with his/her assessment? I would advise the officer of my opinion and provide them with my assessment, as well as any potential amendments they could make to their charges. More often than not, I would welcome a second opinion and would likely inform another member of the DA's office to review their warrant.

As part of the District Attorneys Office, if you become a paralegal you are entitled to a free education in law with the San Andreas Law School. This voids the $43,000 enrollment fee, as such this would tie you into a 2 month contract upon passing the bar exam. Do you agree to this condition? Yes

Do you understand that if accepted as a member of the District Attorneys Office you will be expected to maintain a high level of professionalism as well as follow the law? You also agree to not share any confidential information you obtain as a member of the District Attorneys Office with any civilians or friends/family that are not employed within the District Attorneys Office. Yes
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