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Nov 30, 2020
Username: jay17

Character Name Cyrus Hunt

Age 18

Are you currently Bar Certified? No

Position Applied For State Attorney, Paralegal

Discord Username jay17#3369 (either state attorney or paralegal dependent on the outcome of the BAR exam)

Can you confirm that you have read the District Attorneys Handbook? Yes

Why do you want to be a prosecutor? I want to become a Prosecutor mainly to help out, after speaking with Judge Dean, he informed me that the District Attorney's Office was understaffed and needed some assistance. I didn't originally plan on becoming a Prosecutor, but I am interested in helping out and building a good storyline behind being a prosecutor.

Do you know who the district attorney is and have you previously had a conversation with them regarding the position? No

Describe the Giglio Rule The Giglio Rule (Giglio v. United States), in this case, the Supreme Court also extended the ruling in Brady v. Maryland (commonly known as a Brady Violation) that the agreements must be disclosed to defense counsel. Speaking mainly of the Giglio Rule in itself, the Supreme Court stated that the prosecutor's not informing the jury that the witness had been given immunity for their testimony was a failure to present all material evidence to the jury and was a violation of due process.

You are an ADA on a case and offered the defendant a plea of five years. The defendant rejected it and wants to go to trial. You receive a call the night before the trial informing you that your only witness just died of a heart attack. You come to court to tell the judge that you have to dismiss the case when the defendant's lawyer approaches you and says that they’ll take the deal. What would you do? I believe that you're going down a thin path if you weren't to disclose this evidence, if you weren't to disclose the evidence, you're creating the possibility of a Brady violation and appeal issues if this evidence could have changed the outcome of the trial, which in this case it very well could. The appeal court would now focus if the defendant would have pleaded guilty had the state disclosed this evidence during the plea negotiations, and it would become a question for the appeals court, as it was done the day before. However, if I were in this situation, I'd ask for a continuance, at this point we more than likely already had a written statement from the witness. The statement would be admissible and an exeception to hearsay per FRE Rule 804 due to the person being deceased.

Many times law enforcement are certain that a particular crime has been committed by a defendant. What is your response if there is not enough evidence to stand at a criminal trial? I would inform them why it is not enough evidence, and what we need to be able to prosecute the case. Prosecutors have a heavy burden that they have to suffice in any criminal trial, and we wouldn't file those cases unless we believe the evidence is enough to suffice beyond a reasonable doubt.

How would you handle a situation where a police officer wants a warrant signed or wants to file particular charges and you do not agree with his/her assessment? Ultimately, the Prosecutor has to make the final decision if there is enough evidence to proceed with a warrant or file particular charges. What I wouldn't do is lie to them, if there isn't enough evidence, I would tell them, but I would also tell them what else I need to be able to proceed with whatever it is they may need. Police Officers are typically the people you're working with the most, it's good to keep good repour with the officers with the boundaries a Prosecutor should have between the work relationship.

As part of the District Attorneys Office, if you become a paralegal you are entitled to a free education in law with the San Andreas Law School. This voids the $43,000 enrollment fee, as such this would tie you into a 2 month contract upon passing the bar exam. Do you agree to this condition? Yes

Do you have any previous experience as a prosecutor? If so please detail this below. I've had experience being a District Attorney and Prosecutor. I also intern at the Crown Attorney's Office (Canadian terminology for prosecutor) this summer.

Do you understand that if accepted as a member of the District Attorneys Office you will be expected to maintain a high level of professionalism as well as follow the law? You also agree to not share any confidential information you obtain as a member of the District Attorneys Office with any civilians or friends/family that are not employed within the District Attorneys Office. Yes
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Greetings Cyrus Hunt,

Thank you for taking time to fill out an application for the District Attorney's Office. Please reach out to my email on Discorida at Sarin#6497 to set up an interview.

We look forward to meeting with you in person!

Best regards,

Juliette Pierce
District Attorney Paralegal


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Aug 31, 2020
Hired as a paralegal and shortly after became a state attorney.