Jenna Leigh Ramirez


New Citizen
Jan 2, 2021
Seattle, WA
The eldest daughter of 6 between Ignacio Leigh and Juliana Ramirez, Jenna grew up as what most people would consider wealthy in San Antonio, Texas. As the eldest grand-daughter, she had to look good for the Ramirez family, while her sister twin Jessica, was known as a wild child who could do no wrong. Jenna grew up pretty quickly, taking care of her sister and 4 brothers while her parents were all involved in shady things. Her father, Ignacio was a mechanic and a “rancher”, her mother Juliana was a nurse, her grandfather Francisco “El Doño” Ramirez, being an influencer, of sorts, dealt with extortion, racketeering and smuggling from Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel to the states.

When Jenna turned 17, she fell in love with and had a child with her first love Raul while in high school. The child unfortunately did not make it to childbirth and Jenna had lost both her son and her love. Raul became abusive after the heartbreak and cut Jenna along her hip as he blamed her for the miscarriage, severing an ovary along the way, making her infertile. Not wanting to be stuck in a rut or be a pawn for whatever her grandfather had in store for her, she cut off all connection to her family, save her brother Miguel, whom she followed to Liberty City.

When Jenna and Miguel moved to Liberty, Miguel used his family’s connections to distribute cocaine and guns as an independent dealer, but was eventually recruited as a Vago. Worrying for her brother’s safety, Jenna tagged along and became an unlicensed doctor for those who could not afford to go to hospitals. Being a doctor was something she admired, as her mom had taught her lots, but she just wanted to help people and make them feel cared for and loved, as family.

At the age of 22, Jenna and Miguel parted ways, she moved to Vice City where she found her calling with the Lost MC. She had joined as an unofficial member for a year, yet she stepped up when called upon. As the Lost were an anti-woman establishment at the time, she formed the RC, the Riding Club, becoming their “presence” in the city. This earned favors with many in her leadership, and she had grown to the rank of becoming an official member within 3 years. During this time, Miguel had lost his life in Liberty City due to a deal with her grandfather that had gone bust. El Doño had shot a suspected snitch and when the hood was removed, he was surprised to know he had killed his grandson. At the funeral, Jenna had tried to stab her own grandfather and was kicked out of the Ramirez family, making Jessica the next representative of their grandfather’s name.

While in Vice, Jenna learned many things: who to trust, how to deal, how to not get caught and where to go. She had many mentors along the way. Killian O’Sullivan, being the first one she can remember, became someone she aspired to be. Benny Dover, the chapter president of the Lost after Killian, became an older sibling to Jenna, and she started treating Ted Kindly as her own brother as well. Slowly, she started to trust people and let them become her new family. But as all good things end, so did her family. For the past 6 years Jenna has moved from town to town in order to find what she is missing: a sense of purpose, of resolve, something that will make her stand out. Moving to Los Santos has proven to be a challenge of sorts, but she knows what she wants: a sense of camaraderie that only comes with respect. She hopes this new life wasn't as bad as the last one.