Suggestions - Approved Make Playing as a ped free or at least application to use

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Aug 31, 2020
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Due to feedback provided by the community, we will place the normal GTA ped models behind an application based solely on the teams' discretion for your standard of roleplay and where you plan to take the character, and if your background story makes sense and is related to the model itself. An example of this would be someone wanting to use the priest ped model but instead of roleplaying a priest, they rob banks. That would be a denial/removal of the ped ability. I understand the feedback received for charging for the GTA ped models but the premise was that if you purchased the package then you would receive the ability to use peds regardless of your standing within the community. In regards to custom ped models, we have reduced the price from $75 down to $40 and will still require members to purchase the "Custom Ped Model" package to get custom textures for any ped model.
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