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Aug 31, 2020
This is the future of NonstopRP, the 2.0 version. It's not just an update - it's an overhaul. Everything is being retouched from the core out. With that said, it's going to take a lot of time. Its development began around March, and it is scheduled to be ready around September or October. This estimate is based off of a high-stress crunch; meaning an unhealthy amount of time allocated to coding. Unfortunately as such stresses can be unpredictable, this "estimate" very well might shift to, at the most, the end of 2021.

Most of the time is put into major core features, that once done, knocking off smaller features (like activities) becomes much easier as they seamlessly integrate into the entire system. So while it might seem like the list below is slowly being checked off, it has no correlation to time. Imagine it like a predictive loading bar: it starts off slow, but it suddenly jumps from 80% to 100% at the very end.


Rebuilt from scratch.
- New UI that has been completely innovated.
- Massive leaps in optimization for better performance.
- Physical item drops.
- New crafting system.

New system built around the inventory.
- Realistic model replacers, names, and icons.
- More in-depth ammunition and loading.
- Large weapons displayed over the back.
- New recoil systems.

New character editor.
- More flexible menu with more options.
- Better focus on body parts for certain options.
- Randomize with a fine-tuned algorithm to easily create new characters (good for one lifers).
- Working tattoos, and also hard-capped to 16 (because people put more on and wonder why they don't work).
- Shops such as clothing stores, barbers, and tattoo parlors.

Rework of the entire property system.
- Better integration with the inventory.
- Business integration.
- More realtor functions.
- Actual bank loans and taxes.

A device system that basically allows for easy instancing of a phone or tablet (MDT).
- More realistic design.
- App based with the possibility for real-time app creation.

A system designed for businesses.
- Custom owned shops.
- Custom instanced interiors.
- Factory system to stock shops.
- More management options to hire, fire, and promote employees.

More in-depth robbery systems.
- Integration with businesses to partially rob player owned shops (so they don't lose everything at once).
- Significantly more depth added to progression, making it actually a challenge to be a criminal.

The ability for characters to acquire skills in varying fields to provide minor benefits.

Redo health system for in-depth injuries and healing.
- More realistic injuries and damage.
- New check injury screens with treatment methods.
- Animation based injuries.
- Integrate with skill system (medical services would have full stats).

- Revamp damage systems.
- More in-depth repairs and upgrades.
- Skill based repair and upgrade systems (mechanics would have full stats).
- Car dealers with loans.

Allow players to transport goods between factories and shops.

Allow player owned farms for large scale crop management.

Get lumber from trees and process it into wood at factories.

Get oil from the ground and process it at refiners.

Introduce botany which would be very useful for medicinal purposes.

New mining system that isn't just "hit rock ."

And finally, everything comes together to create a fully player-driven economy.


You can sometimes find me streaming the progress on Twitch if you would like to tune in:
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