Application Denied Richard Poole's Application for Los Santos Fire Department EMT/Paramedic

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Apr 14, 2021
Username: ThragDroneer

What is your Character's name?
Richard Poole

What is your Character's phone number?

What is your Discord Username?

What prior medical experience do u have? (ooc/irl) ?

Tell us about your character.
Richard is weird guy. He spends most of his time as a mechanic/tow at Power Autos. He's always been interested in helping people and noticed that there's a severe lack of EMS in the city. He's decided he wants to try and help the city and people out by attempting to be an EMS.

What are your available play times? And what is your time zone?
Anytime before 5pm EST or after 5pm EST (Varies throughout the week but am usually around every day)

What Position Are You Applying For?
Los Santos Fire Department EMT/Paramedic

Why you would like to join our Medical team, and what can you bring to the community? (OOC/IC)
I wanna join the medical team to help keep the city safe and help people in need. I notice a lack of personnel and want to do my part and try and help people any way I can. I believe I can bring an unique personality and connection to the people in the city via my unique character.

In your own words, what is the correct order for treating a major wound like a GSW or stab wound?
Stop the bleeding (Tournequet), If the patient is not breathing, begin CPR, Clot the bleeding (pack gauze), Pressure wrap (apply Dressing)

In your own words, what is a safe transport procedure?
maintaining an open airway, adequate ventilation and the maintenance of circulation. Making sure patient is secure and safe to move without risk to further or more injury.

What does one full set of CPR consist of?
30 compressions, 2 breaths followed by checking vitals

What is the 10 code for a officer or medic down?

What is a 10-47?
Injured Patient

Do you agree to the Paramedic's Oath?

As a member of the LSFD you would be required to swap over from your civ character if needed. Would you be willing to do this at very short notice?

I understand that, if accepted as a member of the LSFD in the NonstopRP Community, I will be required to complete any recommended training, practice scenarios, "ride-alongs" with current Medics/Hospital Staff, and any other recommendations from the Supervisors. I also understand that there will be a probationary period (after completion of the required training/EMT 2 Promotion) of 30 days, during which time my position as a Paramedic/Hospital Staff may be terminated at the discretion of the Command Staff

I understand that, If accepted as a member of LSFD in the NonstopRP community I will not be allowed to act in the capacity of a criminal on this character slot

Do you understand that if accepted as a member of the LSFD Department, whilst off duty you will be expected to maintain the same level of professionalism as you would on duty, as well as follow the law?

Do you understand that employment within the LSFD does require a minimum of 6 hours a week?

By signing with my character name below, I hereby attest that I fully understand and agree with all terms and rules established by the NonstopRP Community, and that I do so of my own free will.
Richard Poole

Giuseppe Serafino

Exceptional Citizen
Los Santos Fire Department Command Staff
Los Santos Fire Department
Jan 7, 2021
Mr Poole,
Thank you for applying for a position within the LSFD. We appreciate your interest in our organization.

We receive many applications, and the hiring process is a very competitive one. We review every application carefully. Unfortunately, we have decided not to move your application forward. However, we greatly appreciate your interest in working with us and wish you the best of luck on the NonstopRP servers.

Reasons for denial:
Lack of detail/effort in application. ("Tell us about your character")


DC Serafino
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