Chief Justice Fudge State of San Andreas vs Norak Neyones

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Sep 9, 2020
Date: 04/15/2021

Defendant: Norak Neyones

Witness List
465 | Billy Bobayega
319 M Stone
Tucker Jefferson
Jarek Loki
Terry Williams

Location: FLEECA Hawick / Meteor Street

Norak Neyones Robbed fleeca Bank at Hawick Avenue&Meteor Street with one accomplice, They was robbing the bank with firearms pointed at the hostage and troopers&officers on scene, He was told multiple times to not point the firearm, Once his accomplice was finished breaking into the vault and stealing the goods they traded the hostage for Free Passage, They got into the DA's Stolen (police Tahoe) and started felony evading, They took the officers/troopers to Vespucci BLVD and Red garage one of the suspects jumped onto a bike and they fled to different locations, Norak continued out to San Andreas BLVD where he struck 2 Troopers at high speed leaving them with injuries to their arms and chest, He continued felony evading over to great ocean highway with Bobeyga chasing him closely, Norak disabled his vehicle by the water by great ocean highway, he got out of the vehicle and started running to the ocean in attempt to swim away from the troopers, with the knowledge of him being armed and dangerous after already hurting multiple officers and having a hostage at gunpoint, officers eliminated the threat and got him into custody by taking him in the water, he was conscious talking normally and breathing was table, he was transported to pillbox for more advanced medical and then taken to La Mesa PD for processing, Upon getting him into custody on the beach Trooper Sergeant Mike Stone searched his person and found that the firearm was no longer in his possession. Norak Neyones Robbed Fleeca bank on Hawick and meteor with one hostage (at gunpoint) He pointed his firearm and troopers and officers multiple times during the bank robber, Hostages name is (Terry Williams) they demanded free passage got into a stolen police cruiser (ADA) Coming back to Shoeman. They started felony evading cops, they led the cops on a pursuit for a long while, They crashed the vehicle on great ocean highway, He started running towards the ocean and swam out, at the point where we got him into custody he no longer had the firearm on him, from the bank robbery, he continued evading in the water so officers after the bank robbery and hostage-taking eliminated the threat by punching him in the back so he stopped, He was taken into custody in well condition breathing talking normally and transported to pillbox for more advanced medical

Armed Bank Robbery,
Hostage-taking state,
Obstruction of justice,
Felony Evading,
Resisting arrest,
Assault on a public servant,
Reckless endangerment
Poss, Stolen vehicle


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Sep 1, 2020
Prior to the trial the Defendant entered a Not Guilty plea to the court.

During the trial numerous issues were touched upon. The Defense Attorney Ronald Lyle was held in Contempt of Court after continuous outbursts, disrespecting the presiding Judge and the court along with the District Attorneys Office and the Assistant District Attorney. After Mr Lyle was removed from the court the Defendant was offered a chance to change his plea from the Prosecution to which he accepted.

The Defendant changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced accordingly with the Title 2 San Andreas Criminal Code.
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