DOJ Pending State of San Andreas Vs. Preston Taylor - Dec 13, 2022


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Username: StreetMagnet

Defendant: Preston Taylor

The defendant was arrested in this district on the following date Dec 13, 2022

Date of Arrest Dec 13, 2022

Defendants Plea Not Guilty

Main offense charged is a: Felony

Defendant has retained counsel: No

Charges under which defendant has been booked 1x Aggravated Assault/Battery
1x Resisting Arrest

The Grounds for this Indictment are: 522 responded to a 90 at a 24/7 located in Morningwood. Upon arrival she noticed several individuals inside the store actively robbing the location. She began pursuit of a stolen black in color Sultan RS after they exited the store. After a short time, 610 and R-01 joined in the pursuit which continued throughout the city. After a while, the suspects bailed on foot. I began to pursue a suspect on Adams Apple Blvd on foot with taser drawn. I gave several commands to stop running. After a short time of pursuing Preston Taylor on foot a citizen on a bicycle approached the scene and began to assist in stopping the suspect from running. This angered Preston Taylor and they drew their firearm. Mr. Taylor began to fire in my direct location and at the citizen on the bike. I pulled my firearm when Mr. Taylor pulled his and I began to return fire when they aimed their weapon in my direction and the citizens direction who was right behind me. 226 began to fire from the parking lot kiosk. Mr. Taylor then began to again evade on foot and near the intersection of Strawberry and Adams Apple began to shoot at a local vehicle to steal their vehicle. I again fired on the suspect. Mr. Taylor then turned and again aimed their weapon at me after which I was able to down them with more returned gunfire. I treated them on scene for immediate injuries and transported to a triage at MRPD. Medics arrived on scene and began to stabilize Mr. Taylor and then remained on scene to treat the other suspects from the call. I transported Mr. Taylor to Zonah for medical and then to MRPD for processing. During processing and after I read the suspect their charges, he claimed "self-defense" even though the bullets "hit you [Sgt. C. James]".

Key Witnesses Called 610 - C James
R-01 - John Slix

Witnesses Called 226 - Denzel Outlaw
522 - Luccia Larkinsson
501 - Oliver Hurst

Evidence Submitted - top pockets - bottom pockets - ID - fingerprint - licenses revoked

- vehicle used
- vehicle used
- 610's shots towards suspect
- shots from suspect towards 610 and civilian
- 226's shots towards suspect - VIDEO OF SHOOTING AS CAPTURED BY D OUTLAW's BODYCAM

BAIL: - bail money bottom of my pocket

Is the defendant on bail? Yes

Bail Amount 2250

Yes Yes

Signature on behalf of the State of San Andreas Garry Shoeman

Time of Arrest Dec 13, 2022