Pending State of San Andreas vs Raff Thomas

Imogen Madison

Good Citizen
Department of Justice
District Attorney's Office
Los Santos Fire Department
Court Advisor
Jun 18, 2021
Date of Incident: July 1st, 2021
Location / Time: Elgin Avenue Ammunation at 21:20 EST at 11:21 PM GMT +2
Date of Arrest: July 1st, 2021
Defendant Name: Raff Thomas
Attorney Name: N/A
Arresting Officer: 405 Mike Esposito, 295 Mac Mclane
Bail Amount: N/A
Plea: Refused to enter any sort of plea.
Status: Incarcerated, Released when time served

[P.C. 3308] Disturbing the peace
[P.C. 2309] Felony Evading Law Enforcement
[P.C. 2231] Assault with a deadly Weapon
[P.C. 2230] Assault on a public Servant.

Officers Involved/Witness List:
405 Mike Esposito @Ninjakush
514 Amelia Esposito @Leah
295 Mac Mclane @Mac

Incident Report:
"Raffa was ordered to leave a code 5 felony stop where officers were dealing with a high threat level and possibly a ak-47, Raffa refused to leave and was continuesly honking his musical horn and just doing circles around the Felony stop at Elgin Avenue Ammunation.

Raffa's Friend then got pulled over for failing to follow lawful orders, Raffa and 3 friends in a Mini Cooper interfered with the traffic stop and was ordered to leave the traffic stop by 405 Mike Esposito, 514 Amelia Esposito, 295 Detective Mclane But Raffa Refused to leave at this point he was told he was being pulled over and he was not allowed to leave due to interfereing with the original Traffic stop, At this point once Raffa was told he was detained due to the trafficstop he started felony evading, He was driving irrattic, going from high speeds to low speeds and not giving a care to traffic or red lights, at this point 405 Mike Esposito performed a pit maneuver and got the vehicle stuck to the wall and it started smoking, the suspect Raffa Wiggled himself out of the pit Maneuver and continued driving, at this point he went to Calai Avenue and drove up the construction site in attempt to jump onto the highway (La Puerta FWY)
Once Raffa jumped off the construction site he flipped the vehicle and opened fire onto officers following 405 Mike Esposito, 514 Amelia Esposito, 405 Mike Esposito elimininated the threat and ran for cover, Once suspect was visible and incapacitated 405 Mike Esposito walked up and placed the suspect into custody and he was given medical care and transported to pillbox.

Once he was transported back to the cells he was asked to turn around for a pat down in the cells which he refused to, 295 Mclane and 405 Mike Esposito Gave Raffa multiple orders to stand against the wall so we could take the phone off him as he is not allowed to have contraband in prison, He refused to follow basic instructions and once we entered the cell and in attempt to put him in cuffs he broke out of the cuffs and started hitting 295 Mclane, and 405 Mike Esposito.

Raffa was then struck down by a Nightstick by 405 Mike Esposito, and transported back to pillbox for medical.

Once Raffa was back yet again at MRPD he refused to work with officers, offering lawyers, judge, and Bail he refused to plead, Refused bail, Refused guilty, and did not want to plead guilty, Once 295 Mclane spoke to him a bit Raffa wanted to pots bail but failed to follow basic orders and never turned around so we could transport him to a bank to withraw the bail money, At this point after him refusing to plea multiple time's he was sent in to Prison on a Not Guilty plea so we can figure this out in court."

Seized Items from Raff Thomas's Person:
  • Combat Pistol


Exhibit 1
- Combat Pistol registered to Angel Sanchez

Exhibit 2 - Positive GSR Test