Stuck to doors of police stations.

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Aug 31, 2020
You have all failed the people.. it was simple, just take me in off the bus don't ask questions and add my existing charges to your database but no, your justice system saw me as a "free innocent man" due to lack of paperwork from the UK so, ladies and gentlemen of these prestigious stations who protect and serve the general public I have to show you, yes you. Why I shouldn't of been let go I wanted to kill that man all those years and I'll do it again just to show you all.

So ladies and gents at 20:00 today lives will be lost. Can you figure our where they will be though? So I leave this for you

They always talk about a kingdom above heaven.

A large gathering around barrels of fire

Sounds of cars can always be heard

This could be multiple locations but which one will your lesson be taught?

Yours sincerely Recently transferred inmate from HMRP Thetford D.E
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Not open for further replies.