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Mark Knight

May 25, 2021
Washington DC
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Mark Knight
Good day,

I think it would be cool if the PD had cameras to use that would have a timestamp on the screen and the cardinal direction and street names of where these pictures are taken. Having this implemented into the server would allow for investigations to be fruitful and fun so that the PD can use this instead of a picture from Binoculars that aren't working in the the server ATM. Also, it it would be helpful when identify blood/ bullet casing on the streets and will allow for a better picture to be drawn instead of doing it when taking a picture with your flashlight or doing an "/e camera" command. Overall, it'll allow things to be more realistic instead of pictures that are 3rd person.


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Los Santos Police Department Command
Los Santos Police Department
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Sep 5, 2020
Hopefully the camera will work again. In 1.0 and here there are actual cameras you can buy. In 1.0 you could actually zoom in and out of the cameras and take pictures and see evidence... My guess this will be back eventually as well or hopefully will!

Samuel Gardner

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Los Santos Police Department Command
Los Santos Police Department
Sep 1, 2020
This has been added and working. :)