The Backstory of Lady


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Sep 9, 2020
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Being half wolf and half husky had made her an outcast in the wild.
On the 5th of October in 2020, Lady was born in West Virginia in Mount Porte Crayon, her eyes were as blue as the sky above, her coat was soft to the touch. Her father being a full-bred wolf and her mother being a full-bred husky made Lady a wolfdog. Her brothers and sisters did not make it when they were born along with her mother. Lady was the only one who had survived. Her mother and father were in love despite their breeds and differences, they had protected one another throughout their years. They decided to name her Lady as they did not want this life for her, they wanted something more for her which did not involve her being in the wild.



All they wanted was love for their little pup.
The parents knew she would be bullied and an outcast as the pack that the father was a part of did not welcome the love of his life since she was a dog, not a wolf. Because of this they shunned her away and treated her differently. The mother had passed away after giving birth, Lady was treated the same way as her mother was treated within the pack as soon as she was born. The only love she was given was from her father, he wanted to protect her and he knew this life was not what he had wanted for his daughter. She was attacked and bullied by the pack daily, placed in danger, and harrassed, it had broken her fathers heart seeing this.



Despite the fact that I had shunned you... I'll always love you, Lady.
To protect her he had changed, he decided to shun his daughter, it was the only way to protect her and get her to live a better life elsewhere as being in the wild was not the place for her. “You are not welcome in this pack, leave. You are not my daughter, you killed my love.” as his fur stood as tall as he did, showing his fangs towards his daughter. “Go, now!” as he taunted her, leaping towards her as if he was about to attack, making Lady cower backwards, she then ran away from what she called home.


With no return... She became a lonewolf.
Lady had made no attempt to return back home, she had ran so far that her trail of scent was no longer traceable. On her journey, she had discovered the streets, treated like a stray the humans had no interest in her. All she wanted was love, she would never hurt anything on this planet unless she had felt threatened in any way towards herself or something she had cared for. Treated poorly most of her time on the streets she had kept going until she was able to find a place to settle, she is still searching for her place on this earth, wherever her paws take her, she will strive.


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