Who is Alaric Savoy?


Mar 19, 2021

April 16th 1989, London England, 3:42am

On a cold and misty Sunday morning after hours upon hours of labor, Jennifer and Fernando Savoy finally had a baby boy who would be called Alaric. Alaric's father Fernando was a Artist from Italy, who moved to London in the winter of 1977 to pursue his career and hope to one day have his art on show for millions. Alaric Mother Jennifer, was a student studying to be a History Professor. 1 year after Fernando moved to London he met his wife to be Jennifer at a art showing off his current work, Jennifer was standing there in a cream dress and a glass of champagne hit by his work but not the way Fernando intended.... he was amazed by this. They chatted for hours and hours about art. eventually after many months of dates they were official, they made a life with each other but wanted to move things further.... marriage and children. Fernando's work never hit off after years so he left the art industry and started his life career in the Force. everything from there was smooth. Jennifer had her dream career and Fernando had a stable and meaningful jobs there were ready for kids. Alaric is Born they are happy, as a child he learns so much from his parents. Alaric understands the importance's of Happiness, Kindness , Forgiveness and Love they are the pillars of life!

The First Major Moment in Alaric's Life

On April 16th 2001 (Alaric's 12th Birthday) Fernando Passes away at the age of 47..... On his way back from work with Alaric's Gift he was shot dead at a gas station just because he was wearing a uniform....
This hit Alaric hard... Yes his father was dead and it was his birthday but he couldn't help but wonder why a man would do this to his father..... for years his wondered this not in anger but in sadness, why you ask ? well Alaric felt as if the man who did this must have many demons to this kind of thing! he must need help.... on Alaric's 16th birthday he asked his mother for one gift... to meet the man who killed his father.

April 25th 2001, The meeting came sooner than he thought. there in the prison sat the man who killed his father, the first thing Alaric noticed was the tears from the mans face... Why the tears Alaric thought, after a meeting with the man Alaric hugged him and said "We Forgive you, you may not forgive yourself but we do", "how could you...?" the killer said, "if we don't forgive how are people supposed to improve and become a better version of themselves" Alaric told the mam.... the man was stunned. This changed the man, he realized if a child can forgive him for killing his father than he has the chance of redemption and he can change his life a round.

Mid Teens - Early Adult Life

Alaric Loved computers and Art and went on to study both of them at a Masters Degree at the University of London.... Alaric created 100s of art pieces but he had one special piece devoted to the memory his late father. He imagine his father lived in heaven surrounded by art landscapes exploring and waiting for the day to see his family again this is the piece Alaric created

He called it - What dreams may come true

Alaric went on with art making many worthy painting that stunned many but there was always one thing he felt wasn't right.... his father could never say what he thought of them.... this got to Alaric … so much so that he ended his passion in art and went on looking for a new path. In 2008 at a coffee house Alaric met his wife to be Ivy Pasto Alaric knew from the moment he laid eyes on this women she was the most beautiful thing to be upon this earth! it took along time to talk to her but she was luckily always at the coffee shop on a Saturday evening at the same time (2:30pm) so Alaric always made time to go make a move but he never could... after a couple months Ivy made a move on Alaric.... and said " well I guess you'll never ask then " this surprised Alaric, so much he couldn't even speak... Alaric and Ivy ended up so madly in Love they got Married within the first year, for the wedding Alaric draw this piece.
Name - Goddess of Love and Beauty

The Big Tragedy

December 19th 2012, Ivy passed away.... Ivy had recently had a lump on her stomach which turned out to be late stage 4 cancer... this took Alaric and Ivy by shock... it was so sudden. Sadly, they didn't have much time left and she passed away week later in Alaric's arms whilst they danced around the Christmas tree.
This hurt Alaric more than his father which caused him more pain, the mind fighting with each other on the fact he hurts more to the lose of his wife then his father make him angry... he couldn't see a reason why she did nothing to no-one they were happy.... over time Alaric became more alone and enclosed... a few years down the line his mother the gem of his heart came to say just a few words to him that would help him on a new path "when you lose life Alaric maybe that's a reason to help a life" Alaric thought back to when his father was killed an dhow he forgave the man because he needed the forgiveness to move on and changed himself for the better. This is when Alaric found his true purpose to help, to heal, to mend.

New Path

May 2nd 2021, after trying many paths and finding ways to help many people Alaric buys a ticket to America to begin his new life and hoping to follow his fathers footsteps as a officer. whilst helping people overcome their struggles of life

Thanks for reading I hope to be accepted soon

signed Stag


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