Who the Hell is "Todd Sloan"?


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Jun 9, 2021
Some are still trying to figure him out. He was born on top of Mount Chiliad, when his mother went into labor on June 9,1986. Mark and Dorthy
Sloan, had gone up for a picnic while she was 9 months pregnant and sure enough, all the fresh air and beautiful landscape was just enough to set her off.
With not enough time to get back down off the mountain, Todd Sloan was born.

His folks liked the mountain so much and since baby Todd was graced by God on the high hill, they decided to homestead on a little piece of very fertile ground. Dorthy raised Todd with all the love, and education she could give him. But, on his 18th birthday his mother fell ill and passed, Todd's dad was beside himself, with the loss of the love of his life, he got drunk and forgot the grill had been started, and knocked it over spilling burning amber's everywhere. including the ground around the front porch. As dry as it had been it didn't take long for the dry wood of the porch to start and then the rest of the house wasn't far behind. The local firefighters had a rough time getting it all under control, but they could not help Mark. he was meeting his beloved wife.

Todd's education had been within the standards for the Marines to accept him, off to boot camp he went. There was nothing keeping him on the mountain any longer. the two headstones he could visit anytime he was near.

Boot camp was hard but Todd was raised on how to think and handle himself, so he eased his way through 8 weeks, and the on to advanced training. Not much is known about his training skills. He was once heard saying that if he told anyone what he did, he would then have to kill them.

Flash forward 17 years, and Honorable Service to his country, Todd retires from the Marines at the rank of 1st Sergeant. with a head full of talents taught by his great Uncle Sam, all he wants mow is to get a fast car a looser woman and some good whiskey and kick back and be left alone for a while , to ponder his next course of action. Come follow Todd,s next adventures.

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